Anthony J. Geroulis, MD. Plastic Surgeon

My Journey with LATISSE®

I love the way that lashes can make your eyes “pop”, especially in photos.  Unfortunately, I’m not one of those lucky people who were born with long, thick, dark lashes.  My eyelashes were always mediocre; neither long nor short.  They were sparse and had gaps.  I have personally tried many...

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Chin Augmentation On The Rise

Chin augmentation trending?  You bet.  This day and age with social media and finding that perfect selfie angle, we are more critical of our appearance and our insecurities than ever before.  We simply can’t wear our Snapchat filter to contour and perfect our faces in everyday life.  Facial balance and...

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Rhinoplasty in Chicago – Rhinoplasty Facts You Should Know About

Many people are familiar with the basics of rhinoplasty. It is performed for functional as well as cosmetic reasons, and it can be very satisfying for patients who are self-conscious about the appearance of their nose. Scars are virtually undetectable with either the open or closed technique. Aside from these...

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Eyelid Surgery in Chicago – Advantages of Eyelid Surgery

There are two types of cosmetic surgical procedures that address signs of aging around the eyes. Upper eyelid surgery is a short and delicate eye rejuvenation procedure that involves a cosmetic surgeon carefully removing excess skin from the upper eyelids. Lower eyelid surgery is another short eye rejuvenating procedure that...

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Plastic Surgery in Chicago – Reasons For Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery was once only for the rich, famous and privileged. Today, anyone can undergo plastic surgery reasons to look slimmer, better and younger. At The North Shore Center for Facial, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Anthony J. Geroulis combines technical innovation, individualized attention, creativity, and surgical skills to provide...

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