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Benefits of Skinside

Skinside Beauty Shots

The Benefits of a High-Quality Drinkable Collagen Supplement

The global market for topically applied skincare products has been competitive for decades, dominated by large multinational brands, many of which you have likely used. Each of these skincare manufacturers targets improvement in the quality of skin’s texture and appearance using external application of creams and serums of various compositions with key ingredients, such as retinol and hyaluronic acid.
While these topical beauty products (no matter their price or quality) act on the outermost skin layer (the epidermis), they typically don’t penetrate to the skin layer beneath (the dermis). What most users don’t understand is that blood and oxygen carrying vital nutrients to the skin operate at the dermis and hypodermis layers, not at the epidermis.

Skin appearance and integrity, revealed through visible skin wrinkles and elasticity, change with age. Natural chronological and photoaging effects, influences of environmental factors like pollution and excessive sun exposure, and individual behaviors like smoking and drinking alcohol, all affect the rate of collagen production and replenishment in the body’s skin, joints, and other connective tissue.

What actually is collagen?
It’s the body’s single most abundant protein that is the chief molecule of the body’s connective tissue, not just within the skin. When measured by mass, collagen comprises 72% of the dry weight of human skin, demonstrating its enormous influence on the skin’s overall structural integrity.

If we were using a building construction metaphor, the presence of abundant levels of collagen is akin to a building being supported by the correctly designed combination of pillar supports and beams that maintain the building’s safe function and appearance. When pillars, beams, and other support structures deteriorate, the building suffers and must be repaired.
In the dermis of your skin, collagen is the substance that gives the skin its “plumpness“ appearing to us as “youthful.“ In effect, collagen is the skin’s internal “pillar.“ Where collagen is lacking, the inevitable result is skin whose strength has been compromised and shows as more wrinkled, sagging, and dull in tone.

Below is a visual representation that illustrates the idea of collagen forming the pillar support of skin’s structural integrity. As skin loses its ability to naturally replenish collagen in amounts needed to keep the dermal matrix dense enough, skin will start to sag and show more creases that appear as wrinkles and fine lines.

When collagen is replenished inadequate and correctly blended formulas (such as with daily Skinside 60 ml Beauty Shots), the integrity of the dermis can be restored and maintained (as shown in the right half) as a regular part of a person’s skincare routine.
It’s well known that the body’s rate of collagen production declines by as much as 1% each year after age 30. In women, hormonal aging further contributes to a rapid decrease in collagen replenishment. These factors all act on the decline of both the quality and quantity of available collagen.

Consumers worldwide have become increasingly aware of the importance of well balanced nutrition and diet as a positive influence on the outer visual appearance of the skin. There is little mystery that a diet lacking essential nutrients vital to the skin’s health may leave a person’s skin in poor condition, lacking a “glow“ and suppleness that is often associated with younger, collagen-rich skin.
Recently, throughout leading Asian countries like Japan and South Korea, consumers have shifted their skincare attention to ingestible drinks containing various forms of collagen. Asian cultures have long understood the natural harmony and flow of their bodies, and how their internal states affected by nutrition reflect their outer appearances.

What is new and exciting to the American landscape is the availability of higher quality drinkable liquid forms of collagen. Rather than dealing with the inherent disadvantages of both capsules and powders, consumers are increasingly choosing easy-to-use daily high quality drinkable “shots” as a regimen that cumulatively adds technologically modified collagen peptides to their skin’s dermal matrix.
When the collagen peptides contained in a daily drinkable “shot” are ingested at the right molecular size and dosage, such as 2500 mg (as opposed to larger doses like 7500 mg), they can avoid collagen’s degradation by the stomach’s gastric juices, as well as pass through the intestinal barrier to reach the bloodstream and deliver collagen where it’s absorbed into the dermis. Net result = Collagen accumulates within the inner skin layers!

As opposed to the collagen peptides in powders and capsules, correctly sized peptide molecules in a liquid supplement form have the advantage of being pre-dissolved and hydrated in water, further increasing their efficiency.
In addition, great-tasting drinkable “shots” like those from Skinside are a convenient one- step drink and go, with the ideal blend of collagen and reinforcing vitamins. High quality drinkable collagen supplements not only replenish the body’s own collagen, but stimulate the body’s own natural production as it ages.
The equivalent dosage in capsule form would require swallowing 3-5 separate pills, or imprecisely mixing a powder into a shake or glass of water. Hydrolysed collagen isn’t just good for keeping skin’s texture and appearance looking younger, but also helps with weight loss, and joint and connective tissue repair.

Drinkable collagen supplements do NOT have to replace topical skincare products you already use, like moisturizers or serums. Continue to use those other products on the OUTSIDE, while drinkable collagen works on your INSIDE. Most users see visible improvement in their skin over a 4-8 week period when drinking a Skinside Beauty Shot daily. Skinside’s own study (shown above) confirmed a large majority of men and women showed dramatic improvement in their overall skin appearance when they stuck with a daily regimen over an 8-week period.

As shown in the comparison photos below, a significant improvement in skin’s texture is possible when a daily Skinside shot regimen is followed. Everyone metabolizes collagen a bit differently, but such results show what is really possible.



Lastly, remember that skin is the body’s largest single organ, and as an organ, it operates from within as do all other organs. Our liver, lungs, kidneys, and all other organs require correct, adequate nutrition to operate in their respective roles to serve the larger body. Using this logic, how can we avoid the same argument for our own skin?!