Anthony J. Geroulis, MD. Plastic Surgeon

Facial Enhancement

Define The Buzz Word: Facial Rejuvenation

You’ve probably heard the term facial rejuvenation before. It’s one of those buzz words that magazines and cosmetic/beauty brands throw around. To each of them, the word means something different. Magazines often refer to facial rejuvenation when they’re talking about the newest fad, such as a crazy-sounding procedure that doesn’t...

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You won’t believe a facelift on a statue. Who’s the sculptor?

You may have heard that board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anthony J. Geroulis is an accomplished sculptor. In fact, in 1987, Dr. Geroulis earned recognition for one of his bronzed sculptures from the New York Academy of Art. However, what does Dr. Geroulis’ artistic background mean for you and your facelift...

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