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Chin Augmentation On The Rise

Chin augmentation trending?  You bet.  This day and age with social media and finding that perfect selfie angle, we are more critical of our appearance and our insecurities than ever before.  We simply can’t wear our Snapchat filter to contour and perfect our faces in everyday life.  Facial balance and a strong jawline are keystone traits that society finds attractive so men and women alike are asking about how they can sharpen and define their jawline.

Facial retrogenia or a receding chin is a condition in which the chin is underdeveloped and positioned too far back in relation to the rest of the facial skeleton.  An undefined jawline can greatly affect self-confidence and give a false perception of weakness.  In some cases, having a small chin bone can also cause the appearance of a double chin despite being physically fit.

Dr. Anthony Geroulis has a solution for you to meet your facial aesthetic goals.  Undergoing chin augmentation (mentoplasty) with a chin implant will restore overall facial balance, prominence and contour of the chin, bringing better balance and harmony to the facial features of both men and women.  Additionally, the result creates elegant definition in the jaw area, elongates the neck, and can also provide a more natural and youthful appearance.  Don’t continue avoiding the spotlight due to chin weakness.  Call today to schedule your comprehensive consultation.

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