Chin Implants

While any area of the face can be augmented and redefined with implants, the chin implants and chin augmentation are the most common procedures for facial implants. An underdeveloped chin, that is small, or an undefined jaw line, can give the appearance of an overly prominent nose or a short neckline and in males, a recessed chin may lead to a false perception of timidity or weakness that may affect self image.

Correctly defined and well proportioned facial features and contours provide structural balance to the face and a more attractive appearance. Careful diagnosis may reveal a lack of much needed volume in the lower third of the face causing a facial imbalance. During your consultation for chin augmentation surgery, whether it be in Chicago, Northfield or Hoffman Estates, Dr. Geroulis will evaluate the approach and technique most appropriate for your facial structure. Correction may involve the addition of both volume and contour, by way of inserting a chin implant during the chin implant surgery to increase projection and definition.

Chin implant surgery, also referred to as a chin augmentation procedure, is usually performed through a small incision on the inside of the mouth or along the underside of the chin with a submental incision. Soft tissues are elevated, as a pocket is created below the muscle layer, just above the jawbone. The chin implant is pliable, which allows it to be inserted through a very small opening to fit inside the pocket. Once the implant is in place, extensive detailed and accurate adjustments are made prior to securing, to produce an optimal result that looks balanced and natural to the shape of the face. Lastly, compression bandages may be applied to provide support.

You will notice results from a chin implant procedure immediately. With time the implant will further soften to provide a natural appearance. The implant is placed so that it is unlikely to shift, and the tissue surrounding the implant will stretch and mold accordingly over the following months. The implant material is gradually covered by the body’s own tissue after implantation and will mold to produce a seamless result. Any incision will remain hidden in creases and areas where they are difficult to detect, and they will fade considerably over time, making them almost imperceptible.

Chin implants, when necessary, may be placed in conjunction with a nose surgery, which can give even greater improvement to facial proportions. Whether you are seeking to correct and re-contour a recessed chin, an overly prominent nose, or would just like your chin to have more definition, chin augmentation surgery will go a long way to provide you with a permanent difference: as a result of a targeted subtle change in one region of the face overall facial balance and proportion can be dramatically improved.

Board certified Chicago Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Anthony J. Geroulis is professor of surgery at the University of Chicago Medical Center. His private medical surgical facility, The North Shore Center for Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is located in Northfield, with offices in Chicago and Hoffman Estates. His facility services patients throughout Illinois to achieve the most innovative, natural looking results. Contact the facility to explore your options with Dr. Anthony Geroulis for the most advanced chin augmentation procedures on The North Shore. Please call 1.847.441.4441 to schedule a consultation for chin implant surgery at either of the Chicago, Northfield or Hoffman Estates locations.



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