Dr. Geroulis far exceeded my expectations in revision upper eyelid repair surgery, done by an occuloplastic surgeon years ago. The original surgeon had left me with asymmetry, a lot of scar tissue, extra skin, and fat that should have been removed. It also appeared one eye didn’t close all the way while asleep. I had consulted with 2 other cosmetic surgeons and even 2 “top” occuloplastic surgeons, all who had turned me away and said my case was too risky and inoperable. Being a Chicago native, I had heard Dr. Geroulis’ name before, but when I saw his work pop up on Realself.com, I felt I should consult with him ASAP. During the consultation, Dr Geroulis will not just tell you what you want to hear. He will be honest about what can be done and is modest in making promises. I respect that! I also had a hunch that I would be very pleasantly surprised, based on his confidence, experience and expertise, along with the before/after a I saw of other patients. Both the downtown office and Northfield surgical center are pristine and beautiful. The staff and surgical team were all very friendly, professional, and caring. Vanessa is great and will help walk you through preparing for your surgery and aftercare in a clear and concise manner. I was kept comfortable, with warm blankets during surgery and recovery has been a breeze so far. I am nearly a week post-op and can already see such a major difference in both the aesthetics and functionality of my eyelids. I already have the highly coveted “bedroom eyes” that I wanted and look years younger! Dr. Geroulis is a kind and compassionate professional with an eye for aesthetic balance and has saved my eyes when even an occuloplastic surgeon (3 of them!) could not. I could not be happier and would recommend him to anyone considering facial cosmetic surgery. Especially when considering your eyes.

I went to Dr. Geroulis to correct my deviated septum as well as improve the appearance of my nose. From the start with my consultations, Dr. Geroulis was honest, caring, and very knowledgable. He did a great job with the procedure and called me for the first few days afterward to check on me. I am 3 years out of the surgery and still very impressed with the results. I would highly recommend him, as he makes an effort to get to know his patients and does an excellent job with the prep, procedure, and after-care. Thank you, Dr. Geroulis!

I highly recommend Dr. Geroulis and his entire staff. The doctor is warm friendly, extremely knowledgable, talented and confidential. His 35 years of experience are evident in every procedure I have had. I have worked with Dr. Geroulis for seven years. I was lucky to have found him before experiencing any mistakes. Unfortunately I have two friends that went to other doctors. Their results were accidental deformities, done by the nursing staff rather than the doctor. Dr. Geroulis always does every procedure himself. He carefully listens to me and suggests the correct procedures for my best results and satisfaction. These procedures allow me to continue my active life with a youthful and nature appearance. There is nothing fake about my appearance and friends do not even know I have had any work done. I have complete trust in this doctor and highly recommend him for any work my friends are considering. I know they too will be completely satisfied with his professional advise and service on every level.

I went to Dr. Geroulis for a rhinoplasty last year. After consulting with another doctor, I just felt more comfortable with Dr. Geroulis, and he was also able to reshape the tip of my nose without leaving a scar, which was no an option with the other doctor I went to. I left all the aesthetics up to him and my nose came out beautifully. He really stresses the natural look of a new nose, and mine now fits my face perfectly, looking extremely natural.
Monica Bodenstab

In 2011, Dr. Geroulis did an excellent job in removing my eye bags. I was very pleased, and returned in 2013 for a neck liposuction and facelift. Again, I was very pleased with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Geroulis for his expertise and personal touch.

My eyes look amazing.Dr.G. took ten years off my 72. I had bags that would fit in the overhead bin of a commercial carrier. My eyelids were triple thickness. Now my eye makeup does not smear all over my lids. Recovery was a little longer than I expected, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
Linda K.

As I mentioned to you after I had my face lift some years ago (time is going too quickly), I received so many compliments about how young I look for now 71. 71!!!! I can’t believe it myself. One day I will stop by to say “hello” to you and your staff. God Bless you.

Dear Dr. Geroulis, Thank you so much for your patience with answering so many questions regarding my concerns. It made me at ease to be able to understand everything which makes me feel more confident in my upcoming surgery. You are not only professional but have awesome bedside manners. I could not have asked for more. Thank You Again, and have a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year, LT

“Dear Dr. Geroulis, This is a long over-due note to thank you for the many kindnesses – personal and professional – that you have shown me. In my practice, I try to remember the way you give every patient your full attention, and I try to make them feel like a valued client – no matter why they are in my office – just as you showed me. It’s an important lesson, even if I never do a Blepharoplasty or endoscopic brow lift in my career! Also, I appreciate the ways you mentored me on personal things – I remembered your counsel on home buying, for example, and we live in a place that I love coming home to. Finally, thanks for being a part of the big events in my life. It was an honor to have you at my wedding and at my surprise 40th birthday party. I’m still working my way through that bottle of grape liquor from Cyprus that you gave me – and it always brings back good memories, and thanks for you and the investment you made in me.” Warm Regards, D.

“Dear Dr. Geroulis, I wanted to write this thank you note to convey the gratitude, happiness, confidence and trust that I have experienced because of your plastic surgery expertise, skill and care you provided. I knew from the first encounter, your presentation at the Northbrook Renaissance Hotel, that you possessed every quality anyone who was considering plastic surgery would choose. I am so appreciative that you have taken every step to provide realistic and positive results. You have demonstrated proof of your high standards, integrity and ethics, and are a man of your word. I also want to commend your outstanding staff who work so well as a team, providing attention to all patient needs. Thank you again, and know that I highly recommend you to anyone looking to get the same results. Sincerely, B.”

“Dear Dr. Geroulis, Prior to my surgery I felt so disconnected from the image reflected in a mirror. Through your gifted hands I now feel connected. I will forever be grateful to you for all you have done for me. The joy of being recognized as Jenny’s mom is priceless. You have given me a confidence I have not felt in many years. Thank you for taking an interest in my story and allowing my voice to be heard. You have been so generous by facilitating my transformation, from hair cut and color, to make- up and Zoom treatment, all of which made me feel like Cinderella. Thank you for everything. This has been a life changing experience and an incredible journey. The natural looking changes you made to my face reached deep into my heart and soul. You have given me a sense of wholeness and peace I never expected. Thank you for your skills as a surgeon, and your generosity and compassion as a man. Finally, I want to express my gratitude to the wonderful team you have assembled. They are a reflection of you. Most Sincerely, D.N.”

“As an educated, active adult, it seemed odd to look into the mirror and see an old, tired looking woman. Well, Dr. Geroulis sure returned my appearance to an earlier state and quite natural appearance. I am completely satisfied with his careful considered competence.”

“What beautiful work you’ve done. I’m not surprised as I’m still enjoying the benefits of your cosmetic surgery of two years ago. I think of you just about every day when I look in the mirror – I’m so happy I decided to go ahead with the face lift and chin implant. You always said you wanted to work on my husband’s eyelids, but unfortunately, he’s very ill right now. As you can imagine it’s been very difficult for us, but I’ll never forget how my husband was my best supporter when I made the decision to proceed with the surgery, and all the respect and confidence we both had in you and your skills. My husband always looked forward to going to my appointments because he enjoyed chatting with you. We wish you continued success.”

“Thank you for helping me get my life back. This may sound like something that someone might express to their psychiatrist or therapist. In my case you are the one that provided me with what I needed to feel like my true self again. I do believe that one’s perception of themselves is a significant factor in how they live their lives, and I am one who stopped living life to the fullest about 15 years ago. You accomplished what I wasn’t sure was even a possibility. Your talents as a surgeon and artist/sculptor gave me back the face I saw in the mirror many years ago. I am thrilled to see the fresher, more youthful look I had in the past, and love that I look just like me and not someone else. I am so grateful to you, Lisa, Cecilia, Mirofora and Heather for everything that has been done to get me where I am today. It was truly a team effort lead by “The Best of the Best,” Dr. Anthony Geroulis. You are a gentleman, a scholar and a person of integrity and honor, not to mention a very accomplished, talented surgeon who knows how to treat your patients with honesty and dignity. My only regret is that during my 40 year nursing career, I did not have the honor of working with you. Once again, thank you.”

“The outcome of my scar revision was great. I was pleased with Dr. Geroulis’ work. It has been a great advantage to have his expertise available to me. I am completely satisfied with the scar removal. I would recommend Dr. Geroulis to anyone who has a scar or any other problem that wants a first class job done.”

“Two months ago, Dr. Geroulis performed cosmetic surgery on my face – s-type face/ neck lift, endoscopic brow/forehead lift, and rhinoplasty. Dr. Geroulis and his wonderful colleagues, Lisa, Cecilia, and Heather, made a significant change for me physically, and as a result, for my state of mind as well. My motivation was that I no longer recognized myself. I am a happy person, but the face in the mirror was not mine, and with its droopiness was certainly not happy. The result: I am me, but without festoons along the jaw and forehead. My nose has been contained to boundaries appropriate to the rest of my face, and for the first time is elegant and optimistic. In fact, my whole face is optimistic and happier than it has ever been. This, alone, exceeded my hopes, but in the course of his work, Dr. Geroulis discovered unforeseen, extreme problems with the structure of my nose, and spent an extra hour or two fixing them. Now, not only do I recognize myself – but I can breathe. The care was meticulous and extensive, before and after the procedure. Lisa has great knowledge and experience, and, even with the anxiety one feels in anticipation of the procedure, is unfailingly patient, kind and generous. Her sense of humor is very helpful. I experienced no pain, only a little discomfort the first night from the packing in my nose. Cecilia stayed with me the first night. The moment I would begin to awaken, which happened hourly, she was beside me with sips of water or juice, and bites of food, and took me for walks around the room. She was, and is, an angel. Every year I attend a large party, and have known most of the people for many years. That party was two days ago. There were many compliments on my appearance, but no one seemed to find my face changed per se. A few thought I was thinner (always a plus). That’s how natural I look. I did not want to take any undue chances, and therefore wanted the best doctor. I searched a long, long time. The moment I saw Dr. Geroulis’ photos I knew he was the one – that he understands the particular characteristics of each patient’s anatomy, and that his work elevates each person’s facial conformation by revealing its individual, natural, structure. The result is that, although the improvements may be extensive, they are natural. I am so grateful to Dr. Geroulis – his skill, his artistry and knowledge – all borne of his love of his work – and to his staff. It is one of the best things I have ever done.”

“I had the otoplasty surgery about a year and half ago. I could not be more pleased with the results. It was the best decision/money I have ever spent. I went to see other doctors (which were less money) but am very glad I went with Dr Geroulis. He is honest and wants what is best for you. In addition, his follow up after surgery and care for you does not compare to anyone else.”

“Still as good as it gets!! Dr. Geroulis is tops in his field! I highly recommend him for any cosmetic procedure, whether lifts or enhancements like fillers. As a sculptor he understands the nuances of the movement of the face, neck and body and his procedures reflect that. I have been a patient for perhaps 15 years or so and have been to him over the last few years for Botox and Restylane and other fillers. In prior years, I had upper eyelid surgery, full face lift and neck lift so I know how talented he is and how beneficial the results can be. I now look like I feel and how I thought I should look when gazing in the mirror. Well worth it and if you are going to do it, for your own sake, go to the best – that is Dr. Anthony Geroulis – office in the Neiman Marcus building on Michigan Avenue but his North Shore Center and main office is in Northfield. You’ll love him!”
French I.

“I had been wanting to get a chin augmentation for years. I interviewed several surgeons and decided on Dr. Geroulis as he was very knowledgeable and provided clarity in regards to realistic expectations with this type of procedure. I also wanted someone who specialized in facial plastic surgery. My experience with the chin augmentation + neck liposuction from beginning to end was positive and exceeded my expectations. Pain was minimal throughout my recovery, and after a few weeks the swelling and numbness is almost fully resolved. I wanted to be discreet about having this surgery. So I was thrilled that the end resuIt was so natural that everyone noticed and complimented me, but did not know exactly what had changed. I now feel confident, beautiful, and so happy that my face is finally in balance. It was evident to me that I was in the care of a highly skilled, talented and committed physician. Dr. Geroulis, along with his staff Lisa and Heather, were all very professional, kind and caring. I would not think twice about returning for future services.”

“I am a 69-year-old male. I recently had a Face/Neck Lift performed by Dr. Geroulis, as well as a laser procedure under my eyes to tighten up sagging skin. I am extremely pleased with the results. I still look like me, but 15 years younger! Although I was somewhat apprehensive initially, I knew of Dr. Geroulis’s fine reputation and was very impressed with his caring manner and the caliber of his entire staff, especially Lisa, his wonderful surgical nurse. I was very comfortable with my decision to go ahead with the procedures. I also liked the fact that Dr. Geroulis has his own world-class surgical suite on site, so it was a very comfortable setting for the surgery. The post-op care has been extremely thorough and attentive. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Geroulis to anyone contemplating a cosmetic procedure.”


“We all have aspirations in our lives, goals to be met. I had always wanted to improve my nose, but life and its responsibilities came first. With my children grown and independent, and a wonderfully supportive husband, I told myself “either do it now, or be at peace with it.” So, in January, 2011, Dr. Geroulis refined my nose, and a brow lift opened my eyes. Later that year my face and neck were returned to a more youthful time, and a chin implant further enhanced my profile. Dr. Geroulis’ work was meticulous,with attention paid to every detail. He did his best to explain everything to me, and I placed my trust in him. I’m glad I did! I can’t say what age I look, but I will say that in certain ways I look better than I ever have! Doing all of this for myself seemed at first an extravagance, but now I can’t even put a price on it. Thank-you Dr. Geroulis, for sharing your time and talent. I will enjoy my new look for years to come. JS”

“Don’t wait. Make yourself happy. If you have been thinking about having your eyes done, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Geroulis. I am thrilled with the results of my blepharoplasty and brow lift. Every time I look in the mirror I am happy and feel good. I had wanted to have my eyes done, but didn’t realize just how unhappy I was when I looked in the mirror. Over the past ten years I have contemplated and came close to having the surgery. Working in healthcare, I am aware of the risks and could not make the decision to move forward with elective surgery. When speaking with a colleague, I alluded to her being younger than me, only to learn that she is more than five years older than I am. She shared with me that she had her eyes done, that she had excellent results and continues, seven years later, to be pleased. I let her know of my interest and hesitancy and she recommended I call Dr. Geroulis. I will always be grateful for this introduction. During my first appointment and consultation with Dr. Geroulis, I met the staff, toured the facility and asked many questions about the procedure, his approach and technique, anesthesia, infection prevention, scarring and healing. He was very open and provided complete answers, and he was honest. I learned that Dr. Geroulis takes very specific precautions to ensure the greatest safety and care for his patients, and I had seen the results of his excellent work. After ten years of hesitation about having my eyes done, I knew I was in the right place and had found the best surgeon. I scheduled the procedure and followed the protocol completely. Every day now, I look in the mirror and can’t believe how good my face looks – brighter, friendlier, younger. My experience and results with Dr. Geroulis and his entire team couldn’t have been better for me.”

“Dr. Geroulis performed my Septo/Rhinoplasty. I was really nervous for the procedure and I met with many doctors before deciding to move forward with Dr. Geroulis. I was really concerned about the recovery. Dr. Geroulis made me feel as if I was his only patient. He genuinely cares for his patients and that means a lot. I strongly encourage anyone who is considering functional or cosmetic surgery to work with Dr. Geroulis.”

“Dr. Geroulis and his team have done three procedures for me over the years. The first was to remove fatty tissue under my eyes, apparent even at a relatively young age – a gift from my father! The second procedure was liposculpture in my waist and lower back area. The last, almost a year ago, was removing the sagging of my neck. All three were done with minimal to no pain, something I still can’t believe but am happy to say is absolutely true. Each procedure was done with the team’s usual wonderful care before, during and after the procedures. I’m looking at having my upper lids done sometime in the near future with the assurance that I have found the perfect combination – a doctor and team of professional, expert and caring medical personnel that I can relax with, kowing that they will give me everything I expect and hope for.”
Jim M.

“Irrespective of how much it may seem necessary, the decision to have facial surgery is not easy. Dr. Anthony Geroulis and his staff, however, made the decision quite simple for me. From the moment I met Dr. Geroulis, I knew I was in the presence of an incomparable expert. True professionals are possessed of a combination of seasoned experience and an exceptional dose of talent which, when mixed with understanding and confidence, provide all the ingredients for success. The perfect amalgamation of such qualities was evident from the start. As the time grew nearer for my surgery, I had more direct contact with Dr. Geroulis’ staff. The quality of the doctor’s staff is yet another expression of his dedication to perfection. From the moment I sat down with Lisa Merel to discuss the procedures I would undergo, to the moment she prepped me for surgery, Lisa’s proficiency, aptitude and sensitivity combined to make mine an exceedingly comfortable experience. Lisa is, it seems in spite of my positive impressions, rather ‘ordinary’ in terms of the others with whom she works. Inducing patients’ senses of comfort and confidence isn’t necessary with Dr. Geroulis and his staff: It’s the natural culture of his team. Dr. Geroulis performed several procedures for me: my forehead, upper and lower eyelids, a facelift and my neck as well as perioral lasering. The speed of my recovery has been amazing; improvement has been increasingly evident with the passage of every day since surgery. The first, most obvious benefit of surgery came from the enhancement of my eyes – and not only from an aesthetic perspective. The elimination of my heavy eyelids and the accumulation of ‘weight’ from beneath my eyes have afforded the benefit of clearer vision (due to the absence of ‘weight’ around the eyes). The shape of my face has been recaptured. I have determined that, absent the rare combination of Dr. Geroulis’ skill and talent, time and gravity would have certainly conspired to prevent any return to self-recognition. But Dr. Geroulis, I’m happy to say, has proved me wrong! Many of us have experienced less-than-positive meetings with any variety of professionals. But there is a pervasive sense of calm, even a sort of transcendent grace which accompanies the ‘knowing’ that one’s choice of physician is more than right. Perhaps that special ‘knowingness’ is a two-way street; the patient may be as right for the doctor as the doctor is for the patient. It may be far rarer, however, to find the whole of a given medical organization conducive to confidence in the physician, faith in the staff and an abiding belief in the efficiency and expertise of the entire system in which they work. This has been my experience with Dr. Geroulis and his staff and yet, even these words fall short of truly conveying the depth of my appreciation for their expertise and dedication to the success of my total experience. I could not more highly recommend Dr. Anthony Geroulis and his team if facial surgery is under consideration.”

“Dr. Geroulis and his medical staff are absolutely wonderful. His technical proficiency is second to none. I have had 2 total procedures done in my life over 20 years apart. Both were done by Dr. Geroulis because I was so satisfied with his work and 20 years later there was nobody better. I am in the medical field and know that Dr. Geroulis is very highly regarded by all his colleagues. I have the highest regard for Dr. Geroulis and his medical staff.”
Steven M.

“Several years ago I heard Dr. Geroulis speak at a women’s wellness weekend. I was immediately impressed by his philosophy that a person should just look rested not wind blown when following a cosmetic procedure. I decided right then and there that when the time came, when I felt that I needed a little help to look rested, I would call him. Well that day came about 3 years ago when the image in the mirror no longer reflected how I felt inside. Of course I was nervous prior to my first appointment but all of the apprehension disappeared once Dr. G. began visiting with me. From the very beginning he LISTENED to me and addressed my concerns without judgement or pressure. Of immense importance to me his entire staff especially Lisa is professional, patient and compassionate. Every phase of the experience is thoroughly explained and as questions arise they are addressed immediately. His facility is state of the art. Everything is available to insure a safe procedure. Per Dr. G’s recommendation I spent the night prior to and the night after surgery at a nearby hotel. It was such a convenience especially when you are scheduled for an early morning surgery. Now this really impressed me. After surgery I was given Dr. G’s personal phone number. Seriously, how many doctors do that! I’ve had numerous follow-up appointments and never once have I felt rushed. Dr. G always takes the time to make you feel as if you’re his top priority at the time. If you haven’t been able to tell by now, I’ve been truly, truly happy with my whole experience. Now I look in the mirror and my physical self matches my emotional self.”

“I am a 58 year old male, employed by the U.S. Government. I spend a lot of time deployed in war zones and living in deserts. My eyelids had begun to droop so badly that it actually interfered with my peripheral vision. Dr. Geroulis and his team removed the excess tissue from my upper and lower eyelids on a Friday morning and I was back at work on Monday morning! The entire healing process took only two weeks. My eyes now look natural, refreshed and rested. My field of vision is greatly improved.”
Randal Huizenga

“Over a period of more than 20 years, Dr. Geroulis has worked his magic on my face three times! This has enabled me to look the same during all of these years. My face has been refreshed each time, and at 84,I look wonderful. Everything about the procedure, the staff and their support has been letter perfect. It has been a wonderful experience with amazing results.” Diane

“In September and November of 2011, I had three procedures done by Dr. Geroulis. He has a wonderful team of people and you feel immediately taken care of as soon as you enter his office. The entire process is seamless and they assist the patient with every aspect of the process. The results were more than I could ever have hoped for, and there is nothing artificial about the outcome; it looks altogether natural. If you choose to have a procedure done by him you will not regret it.”

“As a young woman, I was in a car accident leaving me with multiple injuries, including severe facial injuries requiring extensive surgeries over the years. One of the procedures performed was a chin implant which made me look very unnatural (witch’s chin), and pulled my lower lip down, causing constant drooling. I saw many plastic surgeons throughout the years, but no one was willing to take on the challenge of repairing my chin. I was devastated with my appearance. I met Dr. Geroulis at a seminar in Northbrook in 2011, where he spoke about the latest advancements in cosmetic surgical procedures. I spoke with him about the possibility of removing and replacing my chin implant to give it a more natural look and stop the drooling problem. He indicated that the removal and reconstruction of chin implants are a possibility in some cases. I immediately made an appointment. Dr. Geroulis was thorough, patient and very honest with me. He could not make any promises as chin reconstruction can be difficult but it definitely would look better. He had the vision, skill, knowledge, and willingness, to realize that he could help me, and could recreate a chin that could look normal again. It turned out better than I ever expected. Dr. Geroulis and his entire staff are a wonderful team, and provide quality care in a safe and comfortable setting. I am so happy to have met them and so thankful that Dr. Geroulis had enough caring and interest in my situation to help me. I will be forever grateful.” H.D

“I have been a patient of Doctor Geroulis for over fifteen years, whatever procedure I have had has always been everything I expected and more. His professionalism and extreme caring make him the FABULOUS Plastic Surgeon I admire. No matter when I have called him, his patience is always the same, he cares about his patients! I would never let any other surgeon touch me for any procedure. I truly believe once you have met this man, you would not go anywhere else for your treatments or surgeries. The staff is as professional as you would want, but yet very friendly and helpful whenever you are in the office. I would also like to add, his honesty and telling you what can be done and not to be done, made me realize from our first meeting, he was a Doctor who was not after the money, but doing a job that would make his patient happy and also him! Only wish there were more Plastic Surgeons like Doctor Geroulis!” S.L.

“Hello Dr. Geroulis – Two and a half years ago you operated on my daughter to make her nose more aesthetically pleasing. This was around July 2007, and she was to start medical school in about 6 weeks. I thought I would briefly tell you about the outcome. First, she has had a wonderful experience in medical school; she has one more year to go, then residency. Her record is quite good and she truly feels connected and committed to medicine. Regarding her plastic surgery, I just wanted to tell you that she is truly beautiful. I challenge anyone to know that she had any procedure done to her face. Everything is in balance; all of her features, the architecture of her face, her animation…everything is natural and feminine and lovely. When and if she marries and has children I believe that her DNA will still be apparent. No one will wonder where this child came from — that’s how subtle (yet effective) your artistry is. Thank you again for achieving exactly what we wanted. We are grateful.” S.S.

“Dear Dr. Geroulis, Again, I want to thank you for your expertise that has given me the great results I was expecting from my facial surgery. I was pleased the first time I came to you with the results, and just as pleased the second time around. You and ALL of your staff have just been nothing short of wonderful from beginning to end. Years ago, I had my first facial surgeries done. I was pleased with the results, however, I was not pleased with the noticeable scars that were left along the hairline. Still, to date, I have to hide them with my hair. When you performed these same surgeries, there were no visible scars. I can’t thank you enough for the excellence of your talents! Sincerely”

“Dr. Geroulis: First let me say how pleased I am with the results of my procedures. As you know, I had a face and neck lift with upper and lower blepharoplasty. It has now been 2 months since the surgery and every day I wake up so glad I had this done. The results are amazing. Not only do I want to thank you for the results, I want to thank you for the professionalism in the whole process itself. While I so wanted a change, I was very apprehensive about doing this. After I made that first step of having a consultation, it was so much easier from there. You and your staff were wonderful. You all took your time with me, made me feel comfortable, explained everything in detail and answered all my questions. You also included my wife and made her feel so much of the process, as indeed she was. Throughout the process there were no surprises. Everything played out just as you explained. I would encourage anyone seriously considering cosmetic surgery to take that first step. Have a consultation with you. See your facilities. Feel the confidence and professionalism you and your staff exude. And most of all, feel the caring nature of your whole team. You all were so good to me and my wife. I never felt like a number or just the next person in line. You and your staff made me feel like I was the most important patient you had. You all were as excited about the results as I was. Thanks again. And if you ever have a patient who would like to talk to someone who has experienced this, I would be glad to do so.” D. W.

“To Dr. Geroulis and his staff, When I replaced the 40-watt vanity lights in our bathroom with 25-watt bulbs I knew it was getting serious. I routinely asked for seats away from daylight in restaurants. I had always been a confident social person, but I was changing into more of a moody 65 year old. Gravity and my aging face had taken a toll on my self-image. My sagging neck and the wrinkles down my cheeks were interfering with my generally outgoing personality. I began looking for the easy remedies five years ago with dermabrasion, several Restylane injections, a Thermage treatment, and finally resorting to three CO2 laser treatments. None of these procedures had long-lasting effects other than to deplete my savings. I had gone to several free consultations by plastic surgeons and although plastic surgery was the more expensive route, it seemed like the best solution to my aging neck and wrinkled cheeks. I noticed an advertisement in the newspaper for Dr. Anthony Geroulis. It looked familiar and I had probably seen it many times, but it never registered until I was looking for a reputable plastic surgeon. In researching, checking Dr. Geroulis’s website, and his credentials, I was impressed and made an appointment for a consultation. I brought my husband along so that I would have an objective person to listen to the consultation and the doctor’s suggestions. Dr. Geroulis and Lisa Merel, his assistant, were friendly and very professional. Dr. Geroulis suggested a neck lift and lower facelift to have the most benefit. Realistic expectations were stressed, but there was no pressure to make a commitment at the time of the consultation, unlike other plastic surgeons that pressured for a down payment at the time of the consultation. My husband and I were impressed with the professionalism of Dr. Geroulis. After several phone conversations with Lisa Merel I was given a patient’s phone number to call for validation of the procedures that were recommended. I did call to get more information and was again impressed with her positive results. I made another appointment to see Dr. Geroulis to see the facilities where the surgery would take place, meet the staff, and get more of the specifics regarding the surgery and post surgery. I was confident I had made the right decision. The day of the surgery was set and it coincided with my schedule. The surgery and recovery was what I expected. After the surgery I stayed overnight at a hotel close to the clinic and had an appointment the following morning. I was even given Dr. Geroulis’s personal phone number to call if I had any concerns or problems after the surgery. I have had ten post surgery appointments to check on my recovery and the results. I couldn’t be any happier. I now have put 40-watt bulbs back in bathroom! My husband says I look at least ten years younger. It has been just two and one half months since my surgery and every time I pass a mirror I can’t believe the difference. I’m my younger self again. Thank you Dr. Geroulis and your caring staff. Sincerely, I. H.”
I. H.

“Dear Dr. Geroulis, Thank you so much for all you’ve done for our son, Brett. The surgery you performed on his nose and chin turned out exceptionally well, and he is much more self-assured because of it. The natural result you achieved fits very well with his facial structure, and the improvement in his profile will give him a confidence boost for the rest of his life. I also wanted you to know how much we appreciated the kindness and warmth with which you and your staff treated Brett; it made him feel comfortable and relaxed throughout his entire procedure. You and your staff made sure that all our questions and concerns were thoroughly addressed, and your willingness to respond personally to post-surgery questions at any time was most reassuring. Brett’s post-surgical pain and discomfort were surprisingly minimal, and there was virtually no bruising. We were amazed at how quickly he recovered and we are sure that your careful pre-surgery preparation of Brett- including nutritional advice and supplements- and your excellent surgical skills are the reason why he was able to do so. We would not hesitate to recommend you to our family and friends, and we wish you many more years of rewarding practice. Sincerely, V.A.”

Dr. G. & Staff- Thank you for taking GREAT care of me! K.G.

“Dr. Anthony Geroulis and Team, This is my first week of recovery and I am already feeling terrific, with minimal swelling and bruising, plenty of energy and a new nose. The primary purpose of my nasal surgery was to correct a deviated septum condition and secondly to correct issues relating to aesthetics (alignment, shape. etc). Within my first week, I am already able to breathe through the left side of my nose, a previously troublesome activity. The changes to the aesthetics of my nose are subtle, but at the same time unmistakable. The changes were all made in proportion to my facial features and structure. The result was artistic and attractive, and I am already quite attached to my new nose. You, Lisa Merel and the anesthesiologist, Cynthia, were all so positive, caring and gentle throughout the pre-op discussions, surgery and post operative care. Follow-up calls to my hotel room to check on my well being were made several times and by several people involved in the process. Appointment times were scheduled, confirmed and held on time. I truly felt cared for through this entire process. I had also requested a scar revision and the removal of skin tags around my neckline. Even the smaller details were not overlooked. The new scar that replaced a chicken pox scar previously on my forehead is as thin as a hair and will be easily camouflaged with a little makeup. I was unable to do this with the previous scar. I also wanted to mention that pre and post operative skin care consultation, which was very helpful and relaxing. I plan to utilize the spa after my healing process is complete. Everything about this experience was positive and I would hope, and encourage, others to team up with you and your staff. Everyone I came into contact with from beginning to end was top notch. They were terrific. Thanks so much! Yours Sincerely, A.B.”

“Dear Dr. Geroulis, I want to thank you so very much for everything you have done for me. I know I’m still healing and possibly about halfway thru the recovery period. I am thrilled with the results – I look so much better now – Thank you!!! I want to let you know how very much I appreciate the way I was treated from the day I met you with your wonderful, down-to earth caring ways, all the way through the Surgery, to the follow-up appointments. Your staff is amazing, professional, wonderful, caring. Lisa Merel RN – she is fabulous! Nurse Anesthetist Cindy, Mirofora, Monica all great and extremely lucky to work with you! Thank you again and I really appreciate everything! All my best, M.M.”

“Esteemed Dr. Geroulis, Just like in previous years, I called to wish you a very happy and healthy New Year to you and to your family. I could not even come up with the words to tell you how kind and supportive a surgeon you are. I come to that well-appointed clinic. I saw the uplifting uniform color (Pink you and your staff wear during surgery) and…I felt less apprehensive. The set of steps to follow during the pre and post-operatively are another outstanding part of the entire process. Ever since…whenever, I would happen to see someone who might benefit from your touch, I felt the urge to tell him or her my story. Thank you again, M.T.B.”

“Dear Dr. Geroulis, You are truly a gem. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate the manner in which you have taken care of my precious mother during her face lift procedure. To begin with, your bedside manner is just superb. You always made my mom feel special and each time she comes to see you—you lift her spirits. (As if they need lifting). My mom started telling us many years ago (before she had any wrinkles or falling skin) that she would one day have a face lift. I know that starting about 10 years ago she really wanted to do it, but it was not until through thorough research did she find you. Once she found you and your superior qualifications did she go ahead with her plan. Reading the information about you and your clinic made me feel comfortable also. However, reading the material about you does not come close to really describing you. You are more than a great surgeon. You are a great person. You even came to check on my mom at our hotel during a snowstorm. You go above and beyond in your cutting edge education, but you also go way above and beyond in your personal manner. You not only lift faces, you lift spirits. Thank you for all the efforts that you put in to making yourself such a professional and great artist. Thank you so much for being so personable. It is not easy to have both great skill and great personality. I have often seen one sacrificed for the other…but you have them both. Sincerely, C.L. (Daughter of I.W.)”
C.L. (Daughter of I.W.)

“Dear Dr. Geroulis, It has been three months since surgery. Everyday I see change. I am well and enjoying my new look. See you in spring. Y.C.”

“Dear Dr. Naclerio, I am writing to tell you about the excellent experience I had for my surgery performed by Dr. Geroulis on April 10, 2006. I wish to commend Dr. Sigari, a resident in Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery, on the excellent bedside manner that he exhibited towards me. I am a University of Chicago employee and I was nervous about having surgery and general anesthesia for the first time. Dr. Sigari was able to address my concerns and help me prepare for my surgery. His post-op care was excellent as well. I also have to say that I was very impressed with how professional and caring Dr. Geroulis and the pre-op and post-op nursing staff were. My overall experience was very positive and I would highly recommend these surgeons and this institution for anyone seeking ENT care. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, L.M.F.”

“Dear Dr. Naclerio, I was reflecting on 2002 and the events that I was truly thankful for during the year. Being able to breathe normally was clearly the most significant event behind the birth of my son in July. And then I realized that I never sent you a note regarding my septorhynoplasty in April 22, 2002. As a business owner myself, too many times all I ever hear about are the negative things so I wanted to change that. The staff and processes that you have created at the University of Chicago worked flawlessly and I would like to take a moment to compliment you on all of this. I first came to your office on a recommendation from a friend in August 2001. As I recall, once you finished with the video exam and were unable to pass the camera even partway up my nose, you commented that I had the most twisted septum that you had ever seen. You called in several residence/med students and showed them something they will not often see. I found all of this quite amusing as I never realized how constricted my breathing was and that I had lived with this since a car accident in 1985. The explanation of the procedure that you provided was very thorough and when I commented that I would also be interested in the rhynoplasty procedure you recommended Dr. Geroulis. I was very pleased that Dr. Geroulis also provided a detailed explanation of the procedure as well as a comment about my septum being quite a mess which made me realize that the surgery was the way to go. The next stop was a long involved process with my insurance company to get them to pay for this procedure. Sherry Stoker from you office was absolutely fantastic and together with Dr. Geroulis we did the impossible: obtained insurance approval for a rhynoplasty! Basically this process took seven months, but once approval was obtained the scheduling of the surgery was very quick and efficient. I even traveled up to the North Shore office of Dr. Geroulis to discuss the surgery and this gave me great comfort as to what to expect from the procedure. Pre-surgical procedure was conducted both over the phone and at the hospital and nothing was missed. So on the morning of April 22nd I was extremely prepared for everything except the 500lb. butterfly in my stomach. The next 8 hours were obviously a blur, but from what my wife tells me the surgery went longer than expected, but was fine. However, I did need to be checked in overnight into the hospital and the staff worked quickly to accommodate me, which was greatly appreciated by my wife. The next morning the surgeon who worked alongside Dr. Geroulis (his name escaped me but he was terrific) paid me a visit and talked at length about the procedure and several post-surgery items to follow. Again, he was very thorough and had a great bedside manner. The check-out process went smoothly and very efficient. Finally, I had several post-op visits that all went well, and I always waited less than five minutes in your waiting area. Sadly, this is not the standard with other medical facilities I visit. There is one last appointment in April and Dr. Geroulis has promised to show me the before and after pictures, which I look forward to seeing. If you are in, I’d like to personally thank you. I run a company of 300 employees and each day I encourage my staff to perform at a standard that your staff is already at. And I say that having interacted with your staff at various times and places. So, I feel I know what I’m talking about when I say that you have a practice and staff that you should take extreme pride in. I was always accommodated and made to feel important, including the time when Dr. Geroulis had to cancel an appointment unexpectedly and then offered his North Shore facility to keep the surgery on track. Most importantly, everyone took time to make sure I understood what was happening at each and every step which made me very comfortable when faced with a significant surgery. Sincerely, M.B. President – US Operations”

“Dear Dr. Geroulis, Thank you so much for the bleph and brow lift that you did for me! I just love my new look! Once I’d decided that this was something I needed to do for myself as a maintenance procedure, I had to decide which cosmetic surgeon to see for this. I felt completely confident and safe with you. And I am more than pleased with the results. Thank you for your expertise! You truly are a scientist and an artist! At first, I had not anticipated your suggestion about the brow lift in addition to the bleph. I guess I wasn’t thrilled about having two procedures rather than just the one. I just wanted to get rid of the bags under my eyes. However, I am now so glad that you recommended the brow lift and that I followed through with it. The brow procedure seemed to lift my whole face! I am happy that I did this every time I look in the mirror! I am particularly glad that you did the brow lift for me because other cosmetic surgeons that I had seen had proposed doing it a different way. Your way was less likely to cause sinus problems. I’ve been lucky to have never had sinus difficulties. I certainly did not want to alter that situation! Even post surgery, I am happy to report that I continue to function with no hint of a sinus problem. Additionally, I continue to wear my contact lenses. No problem there either. Everything was just as you said it would be. It was fairly quick, relatively pain-free and I was back at work and functioning before I knew it. Thank you again for your expertise in what you do! You’re the greatest! Sincerely, M.P.C.”

“Dear Dr. Wood, I am writing you to share my appreciation of the care that I received from Dr. Anthony Geroulis. He performed my nasal-septal-reconstruction, after septoplasty performed by another physician at a different hospital failed. Despite the difficult conditions existing at the time of my operation, Dr. Geroulis did a wonderful job. Thanks to his work, I can breathe more easily. Furthermore, Dr. Geroulis demonstrated excellent communication skills both prior to and after my surgery. His willingness to explain both the surgery and recovery put me at ease. I was surprised when the evening after my surgery, Dr. Geroulis called me at home to check on me and see how I was feeling. In addition, whenever I called his office with a question, if he was not available to take my call he returned it very promptly and courteously. When I encountered an enormous amount of difficulty with my insurance company, Dr. Geroulis helped me to resolve some of those problems, thereby expediting payment to your institution. Dr. Geroulis has demonstrated his excellence in his clinical skills and in his ability to communicate with his patients. He is an asset to a teaching hospital like the University of Chicago Hospitals. I am certain that you are pleased to learn of such good news. I hope that you will continue to cultivate those skills in your students and physicians. Thank you very much. Sincerely, J.C.”

“Dear Dr. Geroulis: One of my New Year’s resolutions is to stop procrastinating and get some of those little, but important, things done. One is to write you to let you know how pleased I am with your work. I am more satisfied with the results of your surgery than I could have wished. It is a pleasure to encounter people face to face and not feel compelled to turn my head to hide my profile any longer. Perhaps others do not realize how much I disliked my appearance in the past, but that doesn’t really matter. What’s important is that I am very happy with the change. Some friends have commented that I look good, but they really do not know what it is that is different, probably because it looks so natural. You’re a very talented surgeon to say the least. Thanks ever so much. Sincerely, E.T.S., M.D.”

“Dear Dr. Geroulis: I have been meaning to sit down and write this letter for a month and am just now getting around to it. You did surgery on me February 21st at the University of Chicago Hospitals, and I write to let you know that my experience with you and your colleagues was by far the very best treatment I have ever had at the University of Chicago Hospitals. I have been an employee of the University for ten years and have always used UCHP as my medical provider. I have been through two other surgeries other than this one, and I felt like I was in a luxury hotel rather than a hospital the whole time I dealt with you, from check-in, office visits, surgery, and follow-up care. You and your team have changed my opinion of the U of C Hospitals. It used to be that when I heard the radio or TV ads talking about how advanced and good the hospitals were, I would laugh to myself and think -boy, are they brainwashing people. Thank you, Dr. Geroulis. Sincerely, S.J.”
Sandy Jones

“Dr. Geroulis, I am so fortunate that my father has such a great friend in you and that this friendship has extended to include me and my well being. I would never have been able to go forward with the procedure without you. You eased my nervousness and helped me to become hopeful and look forward to an improved me! I am so thrilled with the results. Thank you again!! Sincerely,”

“Dear Dr. Geroulis: I am so very happy with the results of my surgery and the entire experience with you and your staff! My upper eyelid and S- Face/Neck lift have made me feel more confident, younger and fresher. The surgery went so smoothly and everyone on your staff was so kind and helpful. I experienced absolutely no pain afterward, I didn’t even need to take a Tylenol. The bruising and swelling was less than I had expected and both subsided in what I consider to be a very short amount of time. Within one week I saw major improvements and within two weeks was able to go about my usual business. The whole experience was great and you have such a beautiful, artistic touch. My scars are minimal and hidden so well I can barely even see them and I know they will disappear even more. I hope you continue to practice a very long time because if I ever feel the need to have anything else done to maintain a more youthful appearance, I would definitely turn to you. Thank you so much. Sincerely, K.D.”

“To you and to yours, N.E.H. Thank you for working a miracle in my life. I feel so much better about myself. You are wonderful!”
Grateful Patient

“Dear Dr. Geroulis, I’m sure you must have close to everything you may want, but after your kind gesture last week, (my first botox treatment) I wanted to show you how appreciative I am. My forehead looks like a 30 year old’s. I just love it. I could not have done all 3 areas without your help. I thought and thought about what you possibly might not have. I searched and found this recording, remembering what you mentioned you like to listen to. I hope you enjoy it, and know how thankful I am. May you and your family have a wonderful holiday season. Gratefully, A.”

“Dear Lisa, Your kindness and non-ending patience was so greatly appreciated. One thing after another- and now we’re finally here. This is just a small token to thank you for bearing with me through all these months. You’re a real treasure for Dr. to have. Sincerely, A.K.”