Dr. Geroulis far exceeded my expectations in revision upper eyelid repair surgery, done by an occuloplastic surgeon years ago. The original surgeon had left me with asymmetry, a lot of scar tissue, extra skin, and fat that should have been removed. It also appeared one eye didn’t close all the way while asleep. I had consulted with 2 other cosmetic surgeons and even 2 “top” occuloplastic surgeons, all who had turned me away and said my case was too risky and inoperable. Being a Chicago native, I had heard Dr. Geroulis’ name before, but when I saw his work pop up on Realself.com, I felt I should consult with him ASAP. During the consultation, Dr Geroulis will not just tell you what you want to hear. He will be honest about what can be done and is modest in making promises. I respect that! I also had a hunch that I would be very pleasantly surprised, based on his confidence, experience and expertise, along with the before/after a I saw of other patients. Both the downtown office and Northfield surgical center are pristine and beautiful. The staff and surgical team were all very friendly, professional, and caring. Vanessa is great and will help walk you through preparing for your surgery and aftercare in a clear and concise manner. I was kept comfortable, with warm blankets during surgery and recovery has been a breeze so far. I am nearly a week post-op and can already see such a major difference in both the aesthetics and functionality of my eyelids. I already have the highly coveted “bedroom eyes” that I wanted and look years younger! Dr. Geroulis is a kind and compassionate professional with an eye for aesthetic balance and has saved my eyes when even an occuloplastic surgeon (3 of them!) could not. I could not be happier and would recommend him to anyone considering facial cosmetic surgery. Especially when considering your eyes.

I went to Dr. Geroulis for a rhinoplasty last year. After consulting with another doctor, I just felt more comfortable with Dr. Geroulis, and he was also able to reshape the tip of my nose without leaving a scar, which was no an option with the other doctor I went to. I left all the aesthetics up to him and my nose came out beautifully. He really stresses the natural look of a new nose, and mine now fits my face perfectly, looking extremely natural.
Monica Bodenstab

“As an educated, active adult, it seemed odd to look into the mirror and see an old, tired looking woman. Well, Dr. Geroulis sure returned my appearance to an earlier state and quite natural appearance. I am completely satisfied with his careful considered competence.”

“The outcome of my scar revision was great. I was pleased with Dr. Geroulis’ work. It has been a great advantage to have his expertise available to me. I am completely satisfied with the scar removal. I would recommend Dr. Geroulis to anyone who has a scar or any other problem that wants a first class job done.”

“I had the otoplasty surgery about a year and half ago. I could not be more pleased with the results. It was the best decision/money I have ever spent. I went to see other doctors (which were less money) but am very glad I went with Dr Geroulis. He is honest and wants what is best for you. In addition, his follow up after surgery and care for you does not compare to anyone else.”

“Still as good as it gets!! Dr. Geroulis is tops in his field! I highly recommend him for any cosmetic procedure, whether lifts or enhancements like fillers. As a sculptor he understands the nuances of the movement of the face, neck and body and his procedures reflect that. I have been a patient for perhaps 15 years or so and have been to him over the last few years for Botox and Restylane and other fillers. In prior years, I had upper eyelid surgery, full face lift and neck lift so I know how talented he is and how beneficial the results can be. I now look like I feel and how I thought I should look when gazing in the mirror. Well worth it and if you are going to do it, for your own sake, go to the best – that is Dr. Anthony Geroulis – office in the Neiman Marcus building on Michigan Avenue but his North Shore Center and main office is in Northfield. You’ll love him!”
French I.

“Don’t wait. Make yourself happy. If you have been thinking about having your eyes done, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Geroulis. I am thrilled with the results of my blepharoplasty and brow lift. Every time I look in the mirror I am happy and feel good. I had wanted to have my eyes done, but didn’t realize just how unhappy I was when I looked in the mirror. Over the past ten years I have contemplated and came close to having the surgery. Working in healthcare, I am aware of the risks and could not make the decision to move forward with elective surgery. When speaking with a colleague, I alluded to her being younger than me, only to learn that she is more than five years older than I am. She shared with me that she had her eyes done, that she had excellent results and continues, seven years later, to be pleased. I let her know of my interest and hesitancy and she recommended I call Dr. Geroulis. I will always be grateful for this introduction. During my first appointment and consultation with Dr. Geroulis, I met the staff, toured the facility and asked many questions about the procedure, his approach and technique, anesthesia, infection prevention, scarring and healing. He was very open and provided complete answers, and he was honest. I learned that Dr. Geroulis takes very specific precautions to ensure the greatest safety and care for his patients, and I had seen the results of his excellent work. After ten years of hesitation about having my eyes done, I knew I was in the right place and had found the best surgeon. I scheduled the procedure and followed the protocol completely. Every day now, I look in the mirror and can’t believe how good my face looks – brighter, friendlier, younger. My experience and results with Dr. Geroulis and his entire team couldn’t have been better for me.”

“Dr. Geroulis performed my Septo/Rhinoplasty. I was really nervous for the procedure and I met with many doctors before deciding to move forward with Dr. Geroulis. I was really concerned about the recovery. Dr. Geroulis made me feel as if I was his only patient. He genuinely cares for his patients and that means a lot. I strongly encourage anyone who is considering functional or cosmetic surgery to work with Dr. Geroulis.”

“Dr. Geroulis and his team have done three procedures for me over the years. The first was to remove fatty tissue under my eyes, apparent even at a relatively young age – a gift from my father! The second procedure was liposculpture in my waist and lower back area. The last, almost a year ago, was removing the sagging of my neck. All three were done with minimal to no pain, something I still can’t believe but am happy to say is absolutely true. Each procedure was done with the team’s usual wonderful care before, during and after the procedures. I’m looking at having my upper lids done sometime in the near future with the assurance that I have found the perfect combination – a doctor and team of professional, expert and caring medical personnel that I can relax with, kowing that they will give me everything I expect and hope for.”
Jim M.

“I am a 58 year old male, employed by the U.S. Government. I spend a lot of time deployed in war zones and living in deserts. My eyelids had begun to droop so badly that it actually interfered with my peripheral vision. Dr. Geroulis and his team removed the excess tissue from my upper and lower eyelids on a Friday morning and I was back at work on Monday morning! The entire healing process took only two weeks. My eyes now look natural, refreshed and rested. My field of vision is greatly improved.”
Randal Huizenga

“Over a period of more than 20 years, Dr. Geroulis has worked his magic on my face three times! This has enabled me to look the same during all of these years. My face has been refreshed each time, and at 84,I look wonderful. Everything about the procedure, the staff and their support has been letter perfect. It has been a wonderful experience with amazing results.” Diane

“Dr. Geroulis: First let me say how pleased I am with the results of my procedures. As you know, I had a face and neck lift with upper and lower blepharoplasty. It has now been 2 months since the surgery and every day I wake up so glad I had this done. The results are amazing. Not only do I want to thank you for the results, I want to thank you for the professionalism in the whole process itself. While I so wanted a change, I was very apprehensive about doing this. After I made that first step of having a consultation, it was so much easier from there. You and your staff were wonderful. You all took your time with me, made me feel comfortable, explained everything in detail and answered all my questions. You also included my wife and made her feel so much of the process, as indeed she was. Throughout the process there were no surprises. Everything played out just as you explained. I would encourage anyone seriously considering cosmetic surgery to take that first step. Have a consultation with you. See your facilities. Feel the confidence and professionalism you and your staff exude. And most of all, feel the caring nature of your whole team. You all were so good to me and my wife. I never felt like a number or just the next person in line. You and your staff made me feel like I was the most important patient you had. You all were as excited about the results as I was. Thanks again. And if you ever have a patient who would like to talk to someone who has experienced this, I would be glad to do so.” D. W.

“Dear Dr. Geroulis, Thank you so much for the bleph and brow lift that you did for me! I just love my new look! Once I’d decided that this was something I needed to do for myself as a maintenance procedure, I had to decide which cosmetic surgeon to see for this. I felt completely confident and safe with you. And I am more than pleased with the results. Thank you for your expertise! You truly are a scientist and an artist! At first, I had not anticipated your suggestion about the brow lift in addition to the bleph. I guess I wasn’t thrilled about having two procedures rather than just the one. I just wanted to get rid of the bags under my eyes. However, I am now so glad that you recommended the brow lift and that I followed through with it. The brow procedure seemed to lift my whole face! I am happy that I did this every time I look in the mirror! I am particularly glad that you did the brow lift for me because other cosmetic surgeons that I had seen had proposed doing it a different way. Your way was less likely to cause sinus problems. I’ve been lucky to have never had sinus difficulties. I certainly did not want to alter that situation! Even post surgery, I am happy to report that I continue to function with no hint of a sinus problem. Additionally, I continue to wear my contact lenses. No problem there either. Everything was just as you said it would be. It was fairly quick, relatively pain-free and I was back at work and functioning before I knew it. Thank you again for your expertise in what you do! You’re the greatest! Sincerely, M.P.C.”

“Dear Dr. Geroulis: I am so very happy with the results of my surgery and the entire experience with you and your staff! My upper eyelid and S- Face/Neck lift have made me feel more confident, younger and fresher. The surgery went so smoothly and everyone on your staff was so kind and helpful. I experienced absolutely no pain afterward, I didn’t even need to take a Tylenol. The bruising and swelling was less than I had expected and both subsided in what I consider to be a very short amount of time. Within one week I saw major improvements and within two weeks was able to go about my usual business. The whole experience was great and you have such a beautiful, artistic touch. My scars are minimal and hidden so well I can barely even see them and I know they will disappear even more. I hope you continue to practice a very long time because if I ever feel the need to have anything else done to maintain a more youthful appearance, I would definitely turn to you. Thank you so much. Sincerely, K.D.”



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