Anthony J. Geroulis, MD. Plastic Surgeon

Skinside Beauty Shots

Skinside Beauty Shots

Developed by Dr. Pierre Schwaller, Switzerland, skinside® products represent the latest scientific advances in drinkable nutricosmetics. They provide the ideal blend of collagen and antioxidants for best absorption and bioavailability, known as our Triple Action Concept.


Biactive Collagen:
Purified 2500mg of hydrolysed collagen both stimulates and replenishes skin’s own collagen, operating within body’s natural processes at the dermal layer, building and repairing critical triple helix structure and bene ting skin on the face, neck, and ENTIRE body.

Precisely blended in all skinside® products, each vitamin enhances absorption of 2500mg of hydrolysed collagen into the dermis, yielding younger looking skin with long lasting effects.

Swiss Milk Serum:
Derived from production of whey, milk serum has been consumed by Swiss natives for centuries. Long known for promoting good health and improving skin, milk serum contains important dietary elements, including calcium and magnesium.

Using a purified form of hydrolysed collagen, each 60ml bottle of skinside® cumulatively replenishes the body’s own pro-collagen Type I content. With its ideal 2500mg of collagen blended with key antioxidants, skinside® functions within the skin’s dermis, where blood and oxygen carry vital nutrition. Clinical studies prove that 2500mg of bioactive collagen peptides:




The same studies con rm that this hydrolysed collagen helps to increase the skin’s pro-collagen by 65% on average, and to reduce wrinkles up to 50% (average 20%) – with only one 60ml bottle consumed daily.

Based on a placebo controlled double blind clinical study, oral intake of 2500mg skinside® hydrolysed collagen per day over 8 weeks: Increases the body’s own pro-collagen 65% on average.* Reduces wrinkles up to 50%.*

*after an 8-week treatment

antiox: Cell protecting beauty cocktail
skinside® antiox is an antioxidant powerhouse, blending 2500mg of purified hydrolysed collagen with reinforcing Vitamins C, E and B3 (niacin) in each 60ml (2 oz) Beauty Shot. Perfect for both restoring and maintaining ideal skin health and appearance!

Each delicious skinside® drinkable daily Beauty Shot is scientifically superior and more effective at delivering collagen than any capsules or powders. Gluten-free, fat-free, cholesterol-free, with just 30 calories per bottle. Purified collagen complies with Kosher and Halal guidelines. Naturally sweetened and flavored.


Tripe Action Concept